The Journey Has Begun


The story of this journey began about two decades ago. I remember standing in the kitchen of our first home talking to my husband about the meaning of our lives. At the time, we were young parents and we understood the responsibilities of teaching our children about tradition and faith. Our two little ones were in the back room and I could faintly hear a jolly purple dinosaur singing through the t.v. about pumpernickel bread. At one point, we said to each other, “Why is it that the world can teach children to idolize fictitious dinosaurs and talking animals, but not about the things that are real and would bring purpose to their lives? Why can’t their superheroes be the amazing angels that surround them every day protecting and guiding them?” Just then, my husband looked at me and said, “That’s it! You should write a children’s series about the angels!” and so the journey began with the support of my husband, family and friends along the way.

Through the years, my grandmother had a true love for the angels. Every chance she had, she would give us all sorts of things with angels on them. My most favorite were the little date books that would come in the mail from the various missions she supported, depicting the artwork of angel artists. One of the most famous series at the time was “Heaven’s Little Angels” by Dona Gelsinger. Dona’s depiction of the angels inspired me to research and study as much as I could about the catechetical and foundational truths about the angels. It is not by chance that “Heaven’s Angels” book was created. My mission began by teaching my own children about the angels and writing about them in such a way so that other children would know and love them, as well. Since angels are universal and every religion believes in the angels as God’s messengers, my hope was that children everywhere would know that they are never alone. I knew in my heart of hearts that if you could change the life of one child, you could change the world.

Every day I can see the angels work in our lives, and I can tell you that when you truly pay attention, it is awe-inspiring. My purpose for this blog is to bring light to how the Holy Angels work in my life through different stories of Divine Intervention, and to bring you the wisdom and resources of other authors, as well. Although I will never claim to be an expert on the angels, I will help you research how the angels have interacted with man throughout history based on biblical and catechetical truth for you to start your journey as well.

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