My Angel Story

Some years ago I was really struggling.  My husband, whom I adored, had been unfaithful.  I knew the woman involved and even confronted her.  But after just a few days I couldn’t handle my circumstances.  Even though I had three children at home, I became suicidal.

After work one day, I went to the babysitter’s house and asked her if she could keep the kids a little longer – there was something I had to do.  She agreed.

Understand that when a person is suicidal, nothing makes sense.  In my mind it was perfectly logical to dress up in my wedding gown and drive to the Akron Gorge where I intended to take some poison.

My husband, who was a police office, somehow became aware that I was planning something.  He tried to get into the house, but I had locked him out.  He had also contacted Mental Health.  I was taken to the hospital where I would spend six weeks in the psyche ward.

We were almost never left alone in the hospital.  But one day I became so distraught that I devised a plan to finally end my life.  I am a God-fearing woman.  My pastor visited me at least once a week.  He gave me scripture to read.  The medical staff tried to make me see the value of my children.  But nothing mattered to me.  I couldn’t see any future for myself.  I had convinced myself that my children would be better off without me.

So, crazy as it sounds now, I put my plan into action.  I was going to drown myself in the washing machine.  So I filled the washer and waited and waited until it was full.  I climbed up onto the dryer that was beside the washer.  I leaned forward to put my head into the washer.  Just at the last second someone put their hand on my forehead preventing my forward motion.  I knew one of the nurses had caught me.  But – – – I looked around.  No one was there.  To this day I believe an angel prevented me from trying to kill myself that day.  The hand on my forehead was firm and felt human, but no on was there!  I’m still amazed.


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  1. Carlee says:

    Great intighs. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

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